Nimses Invite code to receive bonus of 1440 Nims.

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The virtual currency app market is growing more and more popular each year. With promotional invites from new apps like Nimses – a new cryptocurrency and the social network – it’s hard to ignore its popularity.

Nimses invite code works well for the user, the invitee and for the Nimses community. Nimses needs to grow its network of users, so the most obvious way is to reward its users handsomely. The virtual currency community we benefit greatly from every sign up bonus they receive.

Here’s how the Nimses invite code works:

The user will copy and share their personal invite code with friends and family. For each person registered with the invite code, the user receives an additional 4320 NIMs added to their account and the invitee receives 1440 NIMs. This is a great perk for the user and a nice welcome to the Nimses community for the invitee. At this time, Nimses doesn’t have a cap on the number of invites the user can receive, so it’s a good time for users to capitalize on this offer.

If you’re new to the virtual currency community and not quite sure how this all works, you’re not alone. In a recent article by Nimses, the author describes the Nimses as:

“A nimb can serve as a bank account, but nims are time, not money. The system allows using this time (the past, lived, wasted, killed) in a number of ways. For example, by devoting it to another person, literally sparing a minute, an hour, or a day for somebody else. Or by spending on a post to share your photos and thoughts on the “sidewalk” screen that resembles a social media newsfeed. Aside from exchanging nims and growing your nimb, internally one can write messages, “make money” at sharing posts, add other users to an inner circle, and set automatic transfers of nims to their accounts.”

A NIM is a digital value of all types of interactions within the application. NIMs start to accrue on the balance from the moment of registration within Nimses and do not stop accruing until the end of the registrant’s life.

How does the NIM or (virtual currency) work?

For each day, a NIM grows automatically by 1440 – the exact number of minutes in 24 hours. So in a month, a user will accumulate 43,830 without doing anything. You can use these NIMs with participating vendors to purchase anything you want. As popularly grows, more and more vendors are excepting Nims as currency.

Don’t forget the invite code when you register because you will lose out on the offer. Nimses does not have a way to backtrack the registration process.

How to grow your Nimses account?

  1. Use the Nimses invite code to invite family and friends to register for an account. Nimses does not impose a limit for invites; so invite as many humans as you can. At this time, invitations receive the most NIMs than all other activity within the app.
  2. Contribute to the sidewalk. The sidewalk is a newsfeed inside the Nimses app, which is bound to a geographical location. Placing one post to a sidewalk cost 200 NIMs but has the opportunity to earn NIMs on your account.
  3. Someone can gift you a NIM. If someone decides to delete their account, they can gift you their account balance. But don’t expect that to happen too often.
  4. Add someone to the relationship group. This will automatically transfer a hypothetical amount of one NIM per day to your account. You have the option to choose the amount you want to transfer.

The Nimses invite code is good for people who already have a social following in the virtual social space. Users can send their social networks their Nimses referral code and receive a hefty referral bonus for everyone who registers a new account. The virtual currency community is full of early adopters. Any promotional codes for Nimses will be a fun opportunity for this community.